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It's Bright In Here!

Hayet RidaComment

OOOhhhh those outfits that just brighten up your day! When the shirt dress I am wearing from Wanna Sambo, popped up on my e-mail, I just had to have it! I was particularly attracted to the prints, on one side of the shirt, of what seemed like models on a runway! I am also a chronic white shirt collector and I love them all! I am edited to their clean finish.

I don’t know about you but I have been drooling over every bag from A.A.K.S ever since they launched and FINAAALLLLYYYYY, I purchased one! Do you see that joy on my face? Yes, thats that raffia woven bag acquisition joy! The two toned bright purse popped quite nicely off the white shirt, don’t you think?

I kept my hair nice and simple in a bun, to keep the attention on those said models on the shirt. This is a very easy day look, with a few details that will really make you stand out!

Shirt Dress- Wana Sambo

Purse- A.A.K.S

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