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Keky3 Fabrics

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It has been a beautiful journey with Keky3 fabrics for the past few months. I do not always find what I want to wear in the stores in Accra so I end up creating my own clothes. My style is really simple and so I love the fabric to do more of the speaking. See my complete journey below.

I started out this this gorgeous floral silk fabric which is made into a long kimono. This was the only way to go for me as I needed to show off the flow of the design and not chop it up into sections. It looked perfect on the Signature beach resort. Made by Elom Fiagbe, shot by Apag Studios.

I love easy wear! it is honestly gets hot in Accra to for fitted clothing and so shirt dresses are usually my go to outfits. I designed this, inspired by the vertical lines in the fabric, using the wider lines in front and thinner ones at the back. This outfit was created by Kofi Gyedu and shot by Foto Depoh Ghana

This light weight chiffon floral fabric worked perfectly for my Lumiere Couture flowy dress. It drapes very nicely and continued for yards and yards. This image was shot by Iconic Photography.

This modern tan bird sanctuary fabric was stiff enough fro some structure, and so I made it into a jacket. It is one of those patterns that is able to go with everything. All you have to do is to pull any colour from the jacket and repeat it somewhere else, like I did with my blue heels. This was shot by Foto Depoh Ghana and jacket made by Araba Sama Fletcher.

Hope you enjoyed his series like I did. Look out for more images on social media with Keky3 Fabrics!

Contact them on this number for more details. +233 274229510

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