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Vlisco Is 170 Years Old

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Believe it or not, Vlisco, the brand that brings us the original Dutch wax fabric is ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY YEARS OLD!!!!!!!

The brand launched their birthday festivities on Monday night, 15th August with an event nothing less than grand, elegant and striking! Vlisco has strong ties with Africa, holding the largest part of their market, and it was no surprise that their brand anniversary campaign  was done to honor African women. Anita Erskine, Ghanaian TV icon was chosen to be the face of the campaign  representing Ghana amongst other equally strong and powerful women from other African countries. She has worked many years with Vlisco and has developed a fine relationship with he brand. Congratulations Anita you deserve this!!!!!!

The managing director of Vlisco, Erik Van Der Staaij addressed the invited guests by firstly taking them on a history lesson dating back to 1846 when the Vlisco story began. The company was started by a bright and determined young Dutch man, Pieter Fentener Van Vlissingen, who brought the Dutch wax fabric to the shores of the Gold Coast.

Mr. Van Der Staaij attributed the existence of Vlisco today, to the great great grandmothers, grand mothers and mothers and children who have worn and still wear Vlisco to date. He also paid tribute to their trade partners who have been with the company from the very start. 

"To our designers, tailors and stresses, we are grateful for your creativity in turning Vlisco fabrics into elegant and stylish fashion. We could not have come this far without you. We celebrate you."

Hostess for the night Kokui Selormey led us through the amazing line up of events that included a fashion show and a donation to a young girl's education, Najaat Hussein. This fell in line with the campaign theme "Female Empowerment". A cake was cut to mark the day Vlisco was born.

Designers participating in the fashion show included, Stylista, Vanessa Harrison, Royal Denis, Samson's Creations.

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