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Vlisco Prêt-a-Couture | My Second Journey Part 2

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Today is the day that I go back to the Vlisco flagship store to fit my Pre-a-Couture outfit!!! It is my second time using this service, but I still can not believe how easy it has been. Two weeks ago I picked out my style and tried on a sample with my ever so helpful in-house tailor. We picked out my fabric and then discussed how the fabric would be arranged on my garment. Two weeks later I am back and my outfit is ready, all stress free!

With the help of the in-house tailor on duty, she made sure that my outfit fit perfectly, the way it should. It is very important to trust the tailors who understand the style of garment and your body type.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Give me a volume skirt any day. Better yet a flare volume skirt. Any excuse to break out into twirls. I am particularly looking forward to mixing and matching my two piece outfit with other pieces from my closet and getting a lot of wear out of them.

Loving my "Bright and Beautiful" fabric

After I paid the last 50% of bill, I took my new Vlisco Pret-a-Couture outfit home. Happy me!

Look out on my instagram page for how you can win this fabric and get a Pret-a-couture outfit made for you.

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