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Brick By Brick

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Brick by Brick, Brazil house, the location for this shoot, was built many years ago in the middle of the historical area, James Town in Accra. Although the building has lost most of its structure over the years, it is still a pretty awesome to look at grand in its stature. Unlike most of the colonial structures in James Town, Brazil House was made out of brick. I love the effect that the varying shades of red brick gives the building; abstract sculptures plastered in the wall.

In both outfits below, I am wearing tops from the clothing Brand OSEI DURO   based here in Accra and Los Angeles. This popular brand had a great run since they began, stocking their pieces in many stores across the United States and Canada. Last Summer, the brand teamed up popular work out clothing brand LuLu Lemon, to produce yoga gear incorporating their tie dye prints and others giving yogis around the world something funky to look forward to.



skirt- H&M


jacket- ZARA


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