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Diqueku | The Emotional Artist

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Deeply and emotionally connected to his work, Diego the photographer, publically known as Diqueku, is on a mission to show people the different sides to themselves. He likes to think about himself as the curator of people and emotions. He is the mirror that shows you your soul. This might all sound a tad bit creepy, as it did in the beginning but shooting with Diqueku was honestly one of those experiences, that will probably go into my top 10 shoots I ever write about.

As we got onto the set, the jovial Diqueku suddenly faded away and a sudden calm took over him. He planted his head phones over his ears grabbed his camera and then got lost in his music. When he was ready he turned to me and tried to get me to get into the “peace” he wanted me in. I on the other hand was still high on laughter. I mean, shoot day, yyayyy! Even as I tried to calm down, I still wasn’t where he needed me to be. That was when I realized that this was not going to be like the other shoots I had done with him. (You may see images in his fashion instgram page, @diquekuexpressions) Diqueku had noticed an underlining calm within me and that is what he wanted to capture in this shoot.

When our shoot ended, I asked him to explain his “process”. His artistic process starts with talking to the person and getting to know them, gets the person to open up about themselves indirectly. He terms this, “finding you”.

Under his artistic photography page, Diqueku displays his nude art images.

“When you take away all the clothes which a person wears, you take away the extra personalities they play with. When you take away suit, uniform, you now see THEM. The person becomes honest. Diqueku feels that nudity has been sexualized a lot in society and so he works to let them understand a different way to see that.  He likens it to having a clean sketch pad and being allowed to create on it with out any distractions. He can’t turn water into fire, but he can turn water into a waterfall, or a storm. It flows better.

Images by Diego Asamoa

Instagram Pages @diqueku @diquekuexpressions

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