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Suit Up

Hayet RidaComment

Today I officially begin my work year! My team and I are very excited about 2016 and all that we can achieve. So today, I put my best foot forward and one of my favorite jackets from the fashion brand Stylista. Of course it wasn't your regular plain suit for me, this stand out print but yet still appropriate is what I wore. I wore a white shirt inside with the tie feature I love so much, black trousers and I was ready for a kick ass day back at the office. It is always  great idea to pop your lips, even for work. But stick to hues of red or light pink.

Stylista is a brand that fashion house that specializes in traditional and contemporary garment styles for just about every occasion. Very popular for their great choices of Vlisco prints, you are pretty guaranteed to stand out. Th brand loves playing with motives on prints, creating 3D master pieces which you have to see to understand!

Hard work, patience and determination what we all really need to succeed and build our country. Focussing on what is important and having mutual respect for everyone's industry will help strengthen the legs on which this country stands on. Let this new year be your year of hard work, which will influence the years to come.


Photography - Jeffery Quaye (Q Photos)

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