Hayet RidaComment


Hayet RidaComment

It is really important to dress well. When you look good, you feel good and the whole world feels your positive spirit. It is Friday and I am taking you back to one of my favorite feel good moments in Lisa Folawiyo and A.K.E Fashion.

The marriage of the stripes and print, designed by the Nigerian Fashion Brand Lisa Folawiyo is that feel good apparel I speak of. It is unique and stands out in any crowd. The pleats on the sides

I paired the pants with a red cotton A.K.E Fashion top with Wax Print and peek-a- boo back details. This outfit takes me from the office straight to cocktail hour later. All I have to do is to change my work bag to a clutch and I am happy hour ready in seconds.


Top- A.K.E Fashion

Pants- Lisa Folawiyo

Clutch- Zara

Images by Joseph Addah

Body Positive fashion and lifestyle blogger.